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Jeff Goodno

Experienced Brewer/

Brewery Manager


Jeff Goodno has been brewing commercially for more than a decade. He has worked in many breweries, on many systems. Jeff has made award winning beers on a large range of brewhouses; 

from 7 bbl to 200 bbl.


With the rapidly growing beer scene, consumers are becoming more and more educated. Palates are more developed, and your brand is under much more scrutiny then it once was. To succeed in this market, small breweries will need to be very focused not on quantity - 

but on quality.

Why do you need someone to tell you how to make beer?

   You don't! 

   ...But you might need someone to tell you how to make Better beer.  

      That's where we come in.

 First, a bit of history.  Jeff Goodno started his journey in brewing much like everyone else; one tiny batch at a time, on a kitchen stove, back in the fall of 1997

 Ten years later, in January of 2007 he began brewing commercially on a 10bbl system. Then a 20bbl, then a 50bbl, and eventually, while brewing at Victory brewing company, a 200bbl.  After seeing Victory through tremendous growth, Jeff decided he wanted to return to New England and get back into a smaller, more artisan brewery. In 2014 his travels took him to southern Maine to help an old friend and brewing colleague, Tod Mott open Tributary brewing company.  After helping finish the build out, plumb tanks and commission the 15bbl brewhouse,  Jeff and Tod began their mission of making solid, quality beer. This was a practice that quickly paid off. Within the first year, Tributary had racked up not only awards for 'Best New Brewery in the state of Maine' and '6th Best Brewery in the World' (both Ratebeer 2015), but they also managed to take a Silver medal in the World Beer Cup for their Pumpkin ale. (2016 - Category 6: Pumpkin Beer)   Jeff worked as Lead Brewer at Tributary for two years ironing out all the wrinkles one would expect to find in opening a new brewery.  By the fall of 2016 Tributary had become, and continues to operate as, a well oiled machine. This allowed Jeff to seek out further opportunities. 

 Seven miles up the road was a gentleman who was operating a 7bbl brewey and tasting room with not much more than advanced homebrewer's knowhow. Though doing a good job at it, SoMe brewing company owner, David Rowland Jr. recognized he needed more brewing industry knowledge to get the company to the next level.  After spending time working with David and his lead brewer as a consultant,  Jeff eventually joined the SoMe brewing team as their Brewery Operations Manager. Over the next year Jeff oversaw all said brewery operations, and helped the brewers to refine their recipes, streamline cellaring processes, create safety and production SOP's and put more aggressive quality standards in place. With SoMe's brewing processes now operating more smoothly and quality dialed in, it was once again time to look toward the future.

 Recognizing that more and more small brewery owners shared David Rowland's past (passionate homebrewer turned brewery owner), and seeing a definite need for increased quality within the industry, Jeff turned his sights to truly helping his fellow brewers.  In the summer of 2017 Jeff returned to his homestate of Connecticut and created this small brewery consulting business.

What we can do for you

Specializing in recipe development and wort production (*Legally certified client Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements in place). All cellaring processes, with emphasis on keeping dissolved oxygen levels down. Efficient and Safe CIP practices. Safe yeast handling. Cell counts and cell viability... (Have microscope, will travel!) Correct fermentation times and temperatures. Modern dry hopping/ recirculation methods. Proper lagering techniques. Barrel aging and cask programs. Brewery safety. Creating SOP's.  Complete, new brewery build-outs; including building selection, lay-out design, sourcing equipment, hiring and training head brewers... and so much more

Also, for start-up breweries;  I work very closely with one of the largest hop suppliers in the United States.  If you are a small, start-up brewery and are worried about entering a costly hop contract too early, I have the right contacts for you.  For larger breweries, looking to increase yield and efficiencies; we can source the highest quality hop based products, and provide you with a solid understanding of the newest techniques for using them.

Located in Connecticut, but will travel Anywhere.

Competitive pricing and reasonable fees - based on your needs

Due to the nature of the brewing industry, all breweries are a little different. Plainly said; much like farmers, brewers make shit work!  Because of this, practices that make sense in one brewery might not work in the next. As someone who has been around a bit and spoken with countless brewers, brewery owners and equipment manufactures, I acknowledge that people have different ways of doing things. My concern is not in telling you how to make beer.  

It's in Helping you to make better beer 



   Jeff Goodno

   brewer/ brewery consultant/ owner

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